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159 IntroductionAn OverviewCasteany class or group of society sharing common cultural featuresThe principle theme that binds sociocultural studies of two generations of south Asian anthropologists is casteThe cultural features appear in two generationsTo understand caste is to understand IndiaUsing more symbols instead of casteCaste systemthe most popular being purity vs pollutionCasteenclosed analytic systemJti means genus which means casteApplies to humans animals planets and inorganic materials like mineralsSuprapersonalAbove or beyond what is personalInfrapersonalBelow what is personalInferior to what is personalJti is a development from a generative system of thought that deals with the supreapersonal and infrapersonal levelsSubstance describes the general nature of ranked cultural unitsAuthors interests focuses on properties of substancesability to mix and separate to transform and be transformed to establish relationships of compatibility and incompatibility equilibrium and disequilibrium fluidity and combinabilityValued and ranked substances underlie the system known as the caste systemThe author will be looking at certain phenomena in the cultural world of the Tamil villager phenomena that are part of the daily ordinary routine lifeThe phenomena of the Tamil personHes going to be studying the Tamils persons attempt to cope with the substance of his village r house vtu sexual partner and his own body related to sickness and health and to search for the substance from which all of these various substances come from God Katavul was everythingIn God are the element of fire water earth ether and windThese five elements were spread through the five humoursPhlegm bile and wind
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