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ANTH 3510
Eric Henry

RITUAL EXAM REVIEW Week One -- What is a Ritual? Lecture Content: ^ 6 Characteristics of a Ritual - Social - Invokes Supernatural - Cosmological - Patterned - Formal - Appeals to Tradition ^ Difference between Ritual, and Ritualized Week Two -- Sacred and Profane Readings: * Bell, Chapter One * Durkheim, “A Definition of the Religious Phenomenon” Lecture Content: ^ Kinds of Origins of the Study of Ritual, Dominant Intellectual Concerns - Degenerationism: the belief that all people once belonged to a single civilization but were then scattered by God - some maintained civilization and others dropped to savagery - Polygenism: diversity of humankind was due to separate acts of creation; each act corresponded to one of the ‘races of mankind’ - Monogenism: literal interpretation of the bible -- change and variation were natural process - Diffusionism: all human culture derives from a single point of origin, with cultural practices (tools, kinship, religion) spreading out from there. As these ideas spread further from the source, they changed in form ^ Emile Durkheim - Sacred vs. Profane; rituals have a social function -- they are all about the sacred Week Three -- Materialist Perspectives Readings: * Bell, Chapter Two *Harris, “India’s Sacred Cow” *Rappaport, “Ritual Regulation” Lecture Content: ^ Rise of Structural and Symbolic Theories of Ritual - Move from the function to the meaning p e n a G - n a V ^ - 3 part structure, almost anything can be divided up into three parts RITUAL EXAM REVIEW - Life is a pattern of Profane, Sacred, Profane, Sacred... *FILM: Goddess and the Computer Week Four -- Symbolic Process & Rites of Passage Readings: * Bell, Chapter Three * Turner, “Liminality and Communitas” Lecture Content: ^ Victor Turner - Symbolic Content of the Liminal Stage; communitas - Ndembu Initiation Ritual - 1) The boys leave their clothing behind, and go naked to be circumcised, painted white - 2) Seclusion; boys are taughts things by their elders, dressed in ‘opposite’ clothing - 3) Return; parade through the village and perform the dances they learnt during initiation Week Five -- Shamanism & Curing Readings: *Bell, Chapter Four *Kendall, “Korean Shamans” Lecture Content: s n a m a h S ^ - Deal with physical and social - Sympathy and Contagion Magic - How practices and rules have changed in Korea *FILM: An Initiation Kut for a Korean Shaman ^ FILL IN NOTES ABOUT THE FILM Week Six -- Embodiment Readings: *Asad, “Pain and Truth” ^ Pain and the endurance of it plays a big role in ritual ^ Flagellation (whipping oneself) - Became a way of penance fo
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