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Carleton University
BUSI 2400

Chapter 1 IT for Business and Business ProfessionalsImportance of ISFacebook 2004 and Twitter 2006 have 700M usersConsumers have adapted internet in less than a decadeMoores law cofounder of IntelComputer power doubles every 18 months Technology improves at rate of 1 weekKnowledge work discovery analysis transformation synthesis and communication of data information and knowledge What is an Information SystemAn organized collection of people info business processes and IT designed to transform inputs into outputs in order to achieve a goalOrganizations design info systems to leverage human ability to achieve business goalsthrough timely appropriate application of technology data info and knowledgeInfo System Components Concept DefinitionExampleInputitems entered into a system to Putting friends phone number in transform into outputscontact listProcessseries of one steps used by a Save to contact databasebusiness to transform inputs into outputsOutputend result of process may be Creates an alphabetical list of product servicefriendsDataraw unorganized factsList of friends who might be interested in spring break tripInformationprocessedorganizedtransformed Confirmed list of friends datainterested in spring break tripKnowledgeinformation plus human If enough friends agree on experience and judgementlocation you might get a discount rateInformation TechnologyHardware software connectivity Set up website for your friends to Technology that are enablers for view potential spring break processes to perform designated location info with links to stepstourism board travel agencyBusiness Processcollection of stepsthat interact Website has function that allows with each other to transform friends to rank trip location realinputs into outputs to achieve a time votes can be seengoalPeoplepeopleorganizations that have an Friends add comments to site interest in and an influence on about why they like site the creation implementation or operations of an ISDecisionchoice made from one or more Based on number of votes alternatives to follow or avoid a decision of place is madecourse of action Business Valuepositive return on the investment of resources created through the effective and efficient integration of an organizations people info IT and business processData information continuumDataraw factsinfoorganized useful dataknowledgecreated when person combines experiencejudgement with infowisdomadds insight and ethic boundaries to knowledgeApplying knowledge is how businesses createadd value to organizationIT deals with data and infoKnowledge management systemKMSmost failed because computers cant process knowledgeHumans deal with knowledge and wisdomIS vs ITIT is a collection of tools hardware software connectivity IS isProductivity zone is created at intersection of people process and technologyThe internet Communication generates business value by making it easy for professionals to share infoWorld Wide Web makes info available quicklyInformation overload 774 billion confirmed possibly 45 billion web pages2009 100M of 1T urls were commercial or business related sitesCommerce web is place to buy and sell goodsEcommerce use of IS technology computers networks to create business valueIT and CareersAccountant use computer databases for audits use computers to check financial recordsMarketinguse internet to learn about consumer behaviour web 20 technologiesHuman Resources modern HR systems are all ITenabled and companies increasingly expect professionals in this area to be able to assess the costbenefit tradeoffs of making investments in automation to serve employee and employer needs Finance always conducted using systems Finance professionals need to keep with fastmoving economic and market news and events or they will risk falling behind FrontLine jobs like retail hospitality health care etc Self Employed you will likely need to create a website so prospective customers will be able to see your shit not actual shit and find you easily You need to make all the
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