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Challenges to Organizing Projects Uniqueness and short duration of project vs longterm organizational activitiesMultidisciplinary and crossfunctional nature of projects creates authority and responsibility dilemmas Appropriate PM Structure balances the needs of the project with the needs of the organizationStructuresFunctionaloDifferent segments of the project are delegated to respective functional unitsoCoordination maintained through normal management channelsoUsed when the interest of one functional area dominates the projectfunctional area has a dominant interest in the projects successMatrixoHybrid organizational structure is overlaid on the normal functional structureTwo chains of command functional and projectProject participants report to both managersoMatrix structure optimizes the use of resourcesAllows for participation on multiple projects while performing normal functional dutiesAchieves a greater integration of expertise and project requirementsoWeak Authority of the functional manager predominates and the project manager has indirect authorityoBalance Traditional matrix form in which the project manager sets the overall plan and the functional manager determines how work is to be doneoStrong Resembles a project team in which the project manager has broader control and functional departments act as subcontractors ProjectizedoTeams operate as a separate units under the leadership of a PMoFunctional departments are responsible for providing support for its teamsNetworkoAn alliance of several organizations for the purpose of creating productsservices A hub firm with strong core competencies outsources key activities to a collaborative cluster of satellite organizations such as construction projectsProject lifecycle Initiationconcept evaluationProjectPostproject maintenanceoperationsGovernance SelectionInvestment authorityDivision pointsmonitoringBenefits realization outcomes managementTypical Project DocumentsProject Charter Created as an Project Management Plan HowBusiness CaseDocument that sells Project Management Plan initiation document either just before the project will be managed does the productservice concept with details it starts or in the very early life of the includes Scope Management BEFORE the project is a project not include the details project Authorizes the PM to initiate Plan Schedule Cost Risk Conducted after the general proposal and lead the project RolesProject Plan The detailed project Stakeholder Communications has been accepted by the organization responsibilities Contains information that will be used to Provides macro estimates50 Procurement HR Integration and governance decision making process and execute the project estimates High level descriptions processes and rules and escalation deliverable plans and strategic fit Benefitschannels
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