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CDNS 2210 Study Guide - Final Guide: Fetus, Supreme Court Of Canada, Abortion Debate

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CDNS 2210
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Brandelius, F. (2012). My Abortion Story. VICE. Retrieved 27 January 2016, from
The story is a narration by a brave girl who procured an abortion due to the troubled life
that she led. However, the abortion was procured mainly because the father to the unborn angel
was elusive and did not want the girl to keep the pregnancy. The story is an out-and-out
description of the tribulations, indecisiveness, and distress that young girls that are impregnated
undergo caused by men unwilling to become fathers or take responsibility for their babies
(Brandelius, 2012).
The experts in the entire story are many since the girl procured the pregnancy in a
hospital with the main help from nurses. However, a doctor was the main specialist in the
complete abortion processes with the nurses offering their subsidiary services such as calming
the girl down as the different procedures were carried on the poor girl. Moreover, other experts in
the story presented include the therapist, where the girl went to undertake therapy sessions before
she ended up making the grave decision of aborting the child.
The issue that the piece portrays as most important are the circumstances that pushed the
girl to abort. At the storys outset, the reader is apprised of the details that the girl was adopted,
and she was brought up by adopted grandparents too, where the life that she led was punctuated
with different struggles including drug abuse. However, she recovered from the drug abuse that
had inhibited the smooth growth of her life.
Lastly, the dimensions or issues presented by this media source are encapsulated in the
causal factors that drive women into procuring an abortion. The life story that the girl presents is
descriptive of sadness, suffering, and loneliness, considering that she was adopted, suffered drug
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