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Communication Studies
COMM 2102
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Communication as CommunityHow communication creates communityHow community values ideas or messages are communicated What is the relationship between communication and communityTo communicate is to make commonwe have some sort of common understandingCommunity people who share something in common nationality fan clubs ancestryWe build different kinds of community by the ways that we communicateThe ways that modes of communicate effect communitieso TV divides because of laziness and unifies because of fan fareo Social Networking widens our frame of community Chicago School and the role of communication in the villageInnis and McCluan Habermas public sphere Marx and the ways in which modernity withers away communitiesActs to keep new city dwellers togetherNewspaper assimilates new city dwellers into city lifeCommunication ties people together in space and time and helps to establish and carry out values etcAbout shared experiencesShared senses of feeling or sentiments OCCUPY etc 1 No communication takes place without a material base a physical infrastructure materiality
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