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Lecture 22- Endothermy vs. Ectothermy .doc

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Earth Sciences
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Lecture 22 Ectothermy vs Endothermy Richard Owen coined word Dinosaurs Ectothermycold blooded eg Dimetrodon Endothermywarm blooded Ectothermy and Endothermy refer to the regulation of body temperatureEndothermic organisms regulate their body temperature internally and strive to maintain a constant temperature Ectothermic organisms regulate their body temperature externally and their body temperature responds directly to temperatures in the environment A cold blooded animal can move into the sun to heat up therefor is no longer cold blooded becoming agile and can strike Body Temperature Variation Homeothermsorganism in which the internal body temperature remains constant Poikilothermsorganisms in which the internal body temperature varies Poikilotherms Ectothermic poikilothermsmost modern reptiles Endothermic poikilothermsbatshummingbirds need to work at a high activity level and need a constantly higher body temperature Endothermic homeothermshumans Ectothermy and Endothermy are both beneficial Neither is superior Resting Metabolism Metabolismlevel of internal activity cellular respiration and burning caloriesResting metabolism level of internal activity with animal is at rest Metabolism Tachymetabolic an animal whose metabolism remains at a high leveltypical of endotherms Ectotherms cannot sustain energy for as long Bradymetabolic an animal whose metabolism slows to a low level of activity when resting Have very high activities in addition to achieving a low level of activity when resting Combo of TachymetabolicBradymetabolic Eg Bears body temp drops 45 degrees and oxygen consumption drops to 50 during hibernation
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