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Tennessee Williams The Glass MenagerieBorn in Mississippi 1911 Died in New York City in 1983Original Thomas Lanier Changed his name as soon as he could to reflect his love of the south Often absent father traveling shoe salesmanWould beat wife and kids when home Tennessee took many beatingsMother was a southern belleSister was schizophrenic and never got a proper diagnosis until after several bouts ofinsanitylobotomyMoved to MissouriDingy apartment poor teased due to his families poornesshis southern accentprotective of sisterUniversity of Missouri for one semesterFather made him quit to work at the shoe company for 3 yearsHe resented his father for this19691983he was a hermitrecluseLangston Hughes I Too The Negro Speaks of RiversBorn in Missouri in 1982His parents fought and separated when he was months oldRaised by his grandmotherReconnected with his parents as a teenFather had moved to Mexico his mother had stayed in America Educated at Columbia ULeft after less than a year because there was so much racism towards himJoined the navyBack in the states in his 20sWorking at a bus bay he wrote on napkins in his spare timeAccidentally left a napkin on a tableA rich man found it and paid for him to publish his writing Became famous and known as The Bard of Harlem in the 1930s Wanted poetry to reflect black culture Against assimilatingWanted his poetry to reflect authentic black experience Went to Russia to look into literatureWhen he came back he was blacklisted until 1960 thought of being a spy or somethingCouldnt travel Countee Cullen HeritageSecretive about his childhoodBorn in KentuckyWhen he was 4 or 5 he was abandoned by his parents
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