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ECOR 1010

ECOR Midterm Study Guide ProjectionsPictorial assembly drawingsyou see how the pieces go together blown apart viewPerspective projection Projectors intersect at finite points called vanishing points VPThe representation on projection plane may be considered the view thast would be seen by a single eye at a known point in space station point Gives 3D view often used by architects The picture is formed on the projection plane by the intersection of the projecting lines from the object to the focal point of the eyeOnePoint PerspectiveProjecting plane is parallel to two principal axes Receding lines along one of the principal axis converge to a vanishing pointThe last supper paintingTwo point perspective The projection plane intersects with exactly 2 principal axes the visual rays converge to two vanishing points Oblique Projection Front of object is parallel to the viewer face is true sizeProjection lines do not converge to a vanishing point No perspective makes it easier to compare sizesAt an oblique angle Not 90 to the paper plane Used to give indication of depthPresents the exact shape of one face Isometric Projection Parallel lines remain parallel instead of converging to a vanishing pointAxis are each 120 apartSpecial case of Axonometric projection viewed to reveal more than one sideUses parallel projectors orthogonal but shows more than one face of object
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