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Week 2 Neoliberalism and Urban ChangeDynamic and multiple geographies of urbanization macrogeographies connectedness of the world internal geographies Discourse is used to frame cities differently London is a global city Mexico City is a hypercityNeoliberalism unregulated markets let money dictate where everything goes operate by the same laws no matter where the theory is FordistKeynesian Regime the welfare states and the managerial citymass production and mass consumptionpay your workers a decent wage to create a demand for the products you were makingoKeynesian statehas a role in investing in sectors regional development redistributing wealth through social programs regulating accumulation and providing income supportoLevelling out of social and spatial development across regionsdifferences or disparities National urban hierarchy Tiers 14 national importance regional subregional local centresPostfordistneoliberal regime the entrepreneurial city flexible modes of production niche marketsoThe neoliberal turn theory vs practiceTheory emphasis on markets minimal states and individual choice as optimal means of ensuring economic and social wellbeingPractice highly variable and uneven but some common patterns path dependency and actually existing neoliberalism oSocial and spatial fragmentationpolarizationPath dependency legacies of inherited institutional frameworks policy regimes regulatory practices and political strugglesActually existing neoliberalism Roll back neoliberalization destruction deregulation removing elements of the Keynesian state change of existing institutional arrangements Roll out neoliberalization reregulation of new arrangements for market oriented economic growthManagerial City 1960s urban governance focused on local provision of services and facilities for residents support upperlevels of government greater focus on living conditions and employment for people versus conditions for profitable investment and master planning Entrepreneurial City 1970s urban goverance on local economies interurban competition privatepublic partnershipsPrivatization of public space Bryant Park NYC Week 3 GlobalWorld Cites Ordinary Cities Globalization and CitiesReview of last weeks pointsGlobalization quote in lecture slidesA broad phenomenon connectedness of global industries migration patterns integration Economic Globalization increasing global productiontrade and financial systems increasing size of TNCS spatial reorganization of economic activities forces of centralization and dispersal global cities as key nodes in global system of cities Geographies of global city formation global urban hierarchies restructuring of urban space transformation of social fabric of cities deindustrializationFriedmanWorld Cities 1980sSassens quote from lecture slides Global city hierarchies advanced service firms stateoftheart office buildings top talent social networking nodes of economies connectivity
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