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HIST 1300

History1300LecturerdNovember 3 2011Essential Questions1Who was Adam Smith and how did his ideas influence politics in Britain and Canada 2What were the factors that led to confederation in 18763What impact did the American civil war have on the drive for unification in Canada4What was the response to the idea of confederation in the British North American coloniesAdam Smith 17231790He is significant because he comes up with the intellectual rationale that leads to the end of mercantilism in Great Britain capitalism One of the worlds greatest thinkers was kidnapped by gypsies then abandoned by gypsies and a total nerd Smith goes to Oxford to get a PhD graduates and then goes to Edinburgh University He becomes known to the world with his first book the Theory of Moral SentimentsCharles Townsend 17251767Townsend was important for our purposes because he gives Adam Smith the opportunity to write The Wealth of Nations He is the Chancellor of Exchequer Minister of the Treasury and marries a rich widow who has a son Townsend decides to give her son the best education possible and Adam Smith becomes his tutor Smith hates Paris and starts writing the Wealth of Nations because hes bored Wealth of NationsWealth of Nations is a book about getting governments out of economics and laissezfaire invisible hand selfinterest Smith slams mercantilism Richard Cobden 18041865Cobden starts advocating the ideas of Adam Smith significant because he is the first politician to want to have Adam Smiths ideas turned into public policy He is a manufacturer British and he becomes a politician in the 1830s Grows up poor and is sent to London at the age of 15 and works his way up into middle management and then leaves to go to Manchester to make his own textile mill He makes about a million dollars a year in his mid30s and starts to believe in free enterprise and that he would be better off without government intervention He gets elected based on Adam Smiths ideas Irish Famine of 18451851
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