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CARLETONHIST 1300RobertsonFall

HIST 1300 Study Guide - Comprehensive Final Exam Guide - Stadacona, New France, Mohawk People

Primary source: an artefact or document from the time period in question and up to 50 years after the time period in question. Secondary source: a reli
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CARLETONHIST 3109Rod PhilipsSpring

HIST 3109- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 32 pages long!)

OC63745832 Page
Lecture 1: introduction to the history of alcohol. This debate has been going on for many thousands of years and its still ongoing today. Frosh week as
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CARLETONHIST 1001JohnsonFall

HIST 1001- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 29 pages long!)

OC222070329 Page
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CARLETONHIST 1001Jennifer EvansWinter

[HIST 1001] - Final Exam Guide - Ultimate 65 pages long Study Guide!

OC144767365 Page
2nd half of the century there was a continuing threat of the war, called the cold war. No major conflicts that affected europe directly. regional and l
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CARLETONHIST 1001Marc SauretteWinter

[HIST 1001] - Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes fot the exam (27 pages long!)

OC49942227 Page
Renaissance: growing financial resources of princes (increased spending on art, growing urban centers (cities = civilization, expansion of learning + d
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CARLETONHIST 3907Jan FedorowiczFall

[HIST 3907] - Final Exam Guide - Everything you need to know! (36 pages long)

Faris Itum36 Page
Europe gave the preconditions for terrorism to grow, to a point where it was too large. The preconditions were exported elsewhere, and became internati
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CARLETONHIST 2002Roy LairdWinter

[HIST 2002] - Final Exam Guide - Ultimate 22 pages long Study Guide!

OC111117222 Page
Occurred while the roman empire was at its height. Shows how impressive the height of the empire was. Tribe of germanic people who ruled large parts of
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CARLETONHIST 1300Matt BellamyWinter

[HIST 1300] - Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam (38 pages long!)

OC115570938 Page
Drinking in the 1800s: excessive drinking, nobody is drinking water juice is available for the rich only, drinking beer all the time, #1 alcoholic beve
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CARLETONHIST 1300Matt BellamyWinter

HIST 1300 Study Guide - Final Guide: Baby Boomers, Justin Trudeau, The Feminine Mystique

OC115570920 Page
Lecture 8 (january 6: what was the response to the idea of confederation in the british north. Samuel tilley: led the pro-confederation forces in nb in
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CARLETONHIST 1707Susanne KlausenFall

HIST 1707 Study Guide - Final Guide: Tariqa, Cathedral School, Islamic Golden Age

OC5281648 Page
Dates are important, get the centuries correct: who, what, where, when. What was the theme or organizing rubric of the lecture that day in which the ke
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CARLETONHIST 1707Susanne KlausenFall

HIST 1707 Final: HIST Terms for Group

OC5281644 Page
Bambuk and bure were two important cities that were located in what is now modern day ghana and coite d"ivore. Both cities played an integral role in t
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CARLETONHIST 1707Monica JainWinter

HIST 1707 Final: Final exam

OC64705628 Page
There will be 20 keyword choices, we must be able to write on 6. Explain the historical significance in global terms and/or. Explain its relationship t
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