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HUMREXAM PREPAnswers to Sample Questions Providedl Pages 6473 of Seasonal Agricultural Workers reading 1 contain several criticisms of the SAWP Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program and TFWP Temporary Foreign Worker Program Q What are SIX different criticisms made in these pagesW1ANSWERCriticismSupporting Info1 Power Coursepack pg 12 imbalanceWorkers condition is to be housed on site as part of the program stipulations Workers rely on their employer for between housing food and basic needs Their interactions with others and mail on site is often monitored The ability to employer challenge their boss is often affected by the power imbalanceand workerTheres an atmosphere of fear among his coworkersthey know that if they stand up to the boss they risk indentured getting sent home fast pg 64 of readingrelationship Often a worker will be coerced to sign noncompliance documents that say they are breaching their contracts sand get sent home Employers have the power to name a worker or ban them People are hired mostly through being named If a worker is banned little investigation into why is doneWorkers fear conflict with boss or personal actions because if the relationship is bad they can be banned if it is good they can be named Intimidation tacticsEmployers often hold the official documents such as health cards of workers2Mistreatmcoursepack pg 12ent of MistreatmentStrong chemicals used Having to harvest agriculture the day after being sprayed with the harsh workerschemicals A worker recalls his hands being covered in blisters This worker also remembers that one Mexican worker got sick from the chemicals and was sent home because of it Also remembers that if dirt gets sprayed into eyes the employers barely bring water to flush it out pg 64 of the reader The living conditions are crowded and substandard he resents his boss and is outraged by the deductions that the Canadian government takes off his paycheck pg64 of the reading Holding of documents and invasions of privacy and false accusations are also forms of mistreatmentOverworked Long hours of work often without breaksScenario A worker who worked 14 hour days worked so hard that his legs could not function He wanted to go home because he could not work anymore The consulate said he could not return home and if he did he would need to pay the full airfare he offered to pay and they still would not let him leave pg 66 of the reading3Lack of coursepack pg 12GovernmentMinimal efforts are made by the governments coordinating the program to inform participants of their rights it initiative to is primarily thanks to groups like the Centre dappui that they get that information pg 64 of the readinginform This factor also leads to mistreatment and the power imbalance between worker and employerworkers of their rights4Lack of Even with knowledge of rights due to power imbalance and the competition for jobs workers do not demand support for these rights What one worker does not accept to be good living standards another will not complain about and workerstherefore just take his place The worker who was not allowed home when his legs could no longer function scenario is an example also of lack of support pg 64 of the reading Every year we lose our jobs We return to Mexico and live like were unemployed We receive absolutely no benefits no extra money Now Im claiming a pensionIm going to get seventyone dollars a month Thats an insult Im not going to find work anymore I have three small children to support pg 67 of the readingWorker is 63 years of age and spent 18 seasons working in Canada The consulate is supposed to defend us but really its the consulate and the bosses that help each other pg 67 of the reading Staffing of the consulates that support the SAWP workers is inadequate Brief office hours and a ratio of approximately 3 staff at the consulate to 3000 workers in the SAWP program5Funds ofWe pay all this insurance money and we go back to Mexico and once we get there we need to find a way to pay paycheck for the medical treatment We need to get over what working here does to our bodies pg67 of the readingdisplaced Workers pay Canadian taxes contributing to programs such as EI but are not eligible for itthrough
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