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Steve Tasson

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thLawApril 4Last WeekThe charter as a tool for reformsocial change NEED TO KNOW the position of the skeptics and the optimists couple exam questionspower splits between parliament the executive and the judiciary The charter opens a whole new area and now we dont have to do everything politically we can go through the courtsa more public forumformis the courts any more open than politicsthere is also a large diffusion of responsibility possibly political As well there is a rise of expertise and now we trust law more than politics with lawyers experts etc which results in a reduced role of citizens Rosa Beckera lesson in laws practical ambiguity and limits of reform through the Charter This Week Law as disempoweringLaw is essential to maintaining and reproducing capitalist societies it is a tool of the elite or men or other dominant groups Marxist CLS FeminismHunt Law is a system of ideologyit doesnt physically coerce us it ideologically convinces us that law is in our best interestswe should address problems as individual problemsBellTORTRaysexual assaultLaw tends to m
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