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Carleton University
LAWS 2301
Maeve Mc Mahon

LAWS 2301BCRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM FINAL EXAM ESSAY TOPICSAPRIL 2012In writing your essay you shouldidentify on the booklet the number of the topic you are addressing provide a title for your essay or at a minimum write out the topic that you are addressing provide an introduction and a conclusion provide at least 3 key points using subheadings in the text of your essay be explanatory and analytical so evidencing your reflections on the topic pay attention to spelling and grammar use paragraphsmake reference to relevant materials from this course ie the course readings lectures points by guest speakers observations from the courthouse visit exercise brevity and clarity of expression with a total of 7501000 words of text followed by a bibliography and any endnotes write clearly and legiblyIt is acceptable to use the first person singular but your conclusions and observations should be based on academic and courserelated sourcesTOPICS1Criminal law is written in statutes But the system is best understood as a human enterprise In particular discretion and decisionmaking affect the functioning of criminal justice Discuss with attenti
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