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LAWS 2501
Zoran Oklopcic

LAWS 2501 - 25-28 multiple choice questions - Which one of the following of the theorists is expressed in favour of the idea that a popular sovereign can bine: a. Rousseau b. Hobbes c. Jefferson d. Madison 2. Which one of the following theorists believes that the laws ought to be promulgated and known to the people and that the judiciary ought to be composed of indifferent and upright judges who are to decide controversy/ was most in favour known for his commitment for the rule of law? a. Locke b. Madison c. Hobbes 3. According to Madison according to federalist number 10, we can: a. Remove the causes of the factions and control their effects in federalist number 10 b. Neither remove the causes nor control the effects of the factions c. Remove the causes and can’t control their effects d. Control the effects but cannot remove the causes 4. According to Madison in federalist number 10 how do we control the effects of factions: a. Through instituting representative government in a large republic b. only through majoritarian decision making c. through the separation of powers d. through judicial review 5. For Madison the benefits of a small republic are common defence, internal protection against something , protection against domestic something, diminishing evil effects (federalist 10): a. Peace order and good government b. Common defence, external protection to a large market c. No benefits to a small republic 6. The type of federalism that develops form unitary states is government devolvathority to alleviate arrest of succession is called: a. Multinational Federalism b. Coming together federalism c. Holding together federalism d. Semi-presidential federalism 7. Association democracy has the following four features: a. Grand coalition, segmental autonomy b. Federalism, separation of powers, residentalism, factionalism c. Equality affectivity, representation, federalism d. Gran coalition, federalism, proportionally, equality 8. In the McCullough v. Marilyn the United States Supreme Court argued that the constitution is the product of the will of: a. The people of the U.S b. The will of individual states which became part of the U.S c. The will of the British empire exemplified in the British American Act d. Neither of them 9. Through the divisional of legislative authority in section 91 and 92, founders of the Canadian Confederation wanted to empower: a. Central government b. Provinces c. Not concerned with this d. Governor general 10. Canadian senators are: a. Appointed at the discretion of the govern general b. Appointed by the house of commons c. Effectively appointed by the prime minister d. Appointed by the mistress something 11. The ease in the notion of a Triple E senate something egalitarian, equestrian, something a. Elected equal effective b. Efficient elected eloquent c. Elected evolved effective 12. The idea of constituent power of the people a. Hobbes b. Rousseau c. Hamilton d. Sieyes 13. Constituent power of the people in the process of adopting new Venezuelan constitution was invoked to: a. Argue that the president has the absolute power to promulgate the new constitution b. The new constitution should be adopted through the consensus between the majority and the opposition c. The constituent assembly is unconstrained right to adopt a new constitution d. The constitutional assembly is the ultimate authority on the question adopting the new constitution in subject to the approval of the Supreme Court 14. The so called notwithstanding clause enables: a. The parliament to refer a piece of legislation to the Supreme Court notwithstanding any objection of the opposition b. The supreme court to have the ultimate say of the interpretation of the constitutionality of the act of parliament notwithstanding the ob
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