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Carleton University
LAWS 3604

LAWS 3604The Law of International OrganizationsMidterm examWinter 2014Duration of the exam 120 minutes25 of the total grade Answer five of the following questions For each proper answer you gain up to 5 of your total markQuestion one challenges against the legal theory of international organizations While international organizations have been with us for roughly a century and a half few attempts have been made at theorising the law of international organizations Jan Klabbers An Introduction to International Institutional Law p 3 Accordingly the usefulness and the proper functioning of international organizations to bring prosperity to international life have been questioned by the critical legal theory movement1What is this theory about and why it is called critical 1 critical legal theory proposes a new view into international law by extending the limitations of traditional law positivism The aim is to identify the inherent contradictions with the positivist perspective2What are the main assumptions of this theory Explain clearly but briefly 2 Any of the following is accepted 1 explanation of critical theory in the textbook pages 36 or slide 15 week 2 3Present one example in your explanation of this theory 1 I leave it to you However your example
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