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MUSI 1001
Deepthi Kamawar

MUSI 1001a Keywords for Chapters 56Winter 2014Chapter Five Medieval Music 4761450Mass central religious service of the RC church one that incorporates singing for spiritual reflection or as accompaniment to sacred actsGregorian chant plainsong a large body of unaccompanied monophonic vocal music set to Latin texts composed for the Western church over the course of fifteen centuries from the time of the earliest fathers of the council of Trentmusical notation a new medium of communication during this time Was dashes and dots called notae which indicted the upward and downward motion of melody but not much elsesyllabic singing a style of singing in which each syllable of text has one and only one note Opposite of melismaticmelismatic singing many notes sung to just one syllable Modern people do it a lot in popOrganum the name given to the early polyphony of the western church from the ninth to thirteenth centuriesTenor highest male vocal rangeProper of the Mass the sections of the mass that are sung to texts that vary with each feast dayOrdinary of the Mass the five sung portions of the mass for which the texts are invariable thTroubadour a type of secular poetmusician that flourished in northern France during 12 and thearly 13 centuriesthTrouvre same thing but during the 13 and 14thChanson a French term used broadly to indic
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