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Issues in Popular MusicalyssawoodscarletoncathJanuary 9 Popular Music CriticismJournalistic writing reviews magazine articles interviewsoConveys reactions at the moment public attention is receivedAcademicScholarly writing booksarticles from different disciplines oBulk comes from musicology sociology mediacultural studiesoSome work prior to the 1990s film theory psychoanalysis CRT communications feminist studies most was developed lateroBeneficial as they have more of a historical perspectiveWhat is popular musicWhat generates the most revenue Music that peoplesociety relates toA lot of popular music is similargenericfollows same chord progressionsMass appeal by time periodPopular music is typically defined by commercialization status as a commodity and mass appealConsumption is measured in terms of radio play sales downloads etcChanges by geographical location time period and socialcultural contextEx classical music was considered to be popular music during its timeNot all music considered as popular has large audiences the label of popular music is often used despite having smaller audiences not necessarily commercially accessibleMusicCultureCulture can be understood as the everchanging values traditions socialpolitical relationships and worldviews shared by a group of people bound together by a combination of factors that can include a common history language social class andor religionConstructed through simple systems that are shared over generationsMade up of tangible things such as clothes food etcConstantly evolves to reflect societyResearchers say that cultures now are blendshybrids of other culturesMusic and mass media shape our identity as a result we can see gender roles and norms reinforced or resisted through popular musicDominant Culture stands at the centre of societySubordinate Cultures lack access to power and resourcesEurocentrism the dominant centre of our culture still reflects white uppermiddleclass Western heterosexual male perspectivesThe Western Canon the body of cultural knowledge that is said to be important for an educated or cultured person to knowMusicPoliticsCan enter popular music through protests thJanuary 11Commodification and StandardizationAdorno 1940sCritical theoryMarxist understanding of societyCriticized capitalisms control over social lifeCulture industry is central to capitalist dominationThe Culture IndustryEconomic institutions that employ modes of productionProduce symbols in the form of cultural goods and services commoditiesarticle on midtermStandardizationPopular music is standardized in several ways1A number of types that are immediately recognizable ex 12 bar blues2A small number of structures chorus bridge etc3A small number of components to each song that are interchangeable the beginning of a chorus can be replaced by a new chorusswap with another songTin Pan Alleynetwork of theatres in an area of New York refers to the musical style associated with the areaSwing jazz was huge during the 20s to the 40sSimilar forms chord progressions and instrumentsPseudoIndividualizationThe type of variation that exists between standardized productsAppearance of individualizationDetails change but the overall structure is the sameMelody lyrics themselves and combination of musical features are the differences High vs Low Cultureserious artistic creation that uses all of the parts to create an overall meaning vs popular musicDifferences include degree of standardization level of complexity market context most important conceptRole of the ListenerCaught up in a set of standardized and routine responsesPopular music is the background of social lifeThe pleasure derived is superficial and false
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