PSCI 1100 Study Guide - Final Guide: Advocacy Group, Protecting Group, Economic Integration

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Main claim: states must protect own power; balance of state power is key to preservation of peace. Example: neville chamberlain signed a peace treaty with nazi germany claiming peace in our time. a year later, nazi germany invades poland, beginning world war ii. Main claim: people-to-people interactions preserve peace; must be facilitated by international law and dispute settlement. Example: european union and peace through interaction. Economic and political interaction between democracies brings peace. Main claim: ir reflects the capitalist world order; international conflicts tend to have economic foundation. Example: use of asbestos is illegal in canada, but is mined in canada and then sold overseas. Corporate interests shape foreign policy; concerns of citizens do not count. Main claim: there is no objective reality; ir can be understood only if we ask how actors view their world. Institutional features of ios types of internal processes. Intergovernmental: interactions between governments or foreign ministries of the member states.

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