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Psych1001 T Brian Tsuji2012fall semesterChapter 1Psychology definition Psyche greek for soul logos study of thus psychologys literal meaning is the study of the soul or in our case the mind Wilhelm Wundt 18321920 The father of psychology as a field of study who successfully campaigned its birth in 1879 and created the first formal laboratory at the university of leipzig and created the first psychology journal 2 years later in 1881Preceding this the study was merely the theorizing of those in physiology and philosophyWundt then declared it would be a study between physics and chemistry focusing on the minds consciousness the awarness of the imediate experience and mental processMany of his students fanned out and expanded Laboratory in europe and north america between 18831893Structuralism wilhelm wundt Process of studying ones consciousness into basic elements and how these elements are related didnt have tools so trained people to carefully use introspectionIntrospection the careful systematic self observation of ones own conscious experience made the subject more objective and awareThis of course was a contribruting factor to the demise of structuralism as no subject would be completely objective and an independent party would not be able to collect the data themselvesFunctionalism based on the beliefs that psychology should investigate the function or purpose of consciousness over the structure of itWilliam james lead this school of thought in north america and was heavily impressed with darwins natural selection concept and noted that consciousness is an important characteristic of our species and contended it to show that psychology should investigate the function instead of the structure of conciousnessFunctionalism William James we use psychology stream of consciousness apply what know instead of trying to nail it down Versus Structuralism which tries to have a static points Which isnt the true nature of the concious experiencewhile structuralist naturally gravitated to laboratories functionalist were more focused on how our concious mind adapted to the demands of the real world through perception Even then some functionalist began to shift away from perception and the such and began doing childhoodtesting differences of behaviour in the sexes and the effectiveness of teaching methods which may of led to the new study of behaviouralism
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