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PSYC 1001

PsychologyBehaviourism JB Watson BF SkinnNurtureInteractionismHeredityEnvironment interact Good genes ex Cancer or contact with the environmentPerspectivesNeuroscienceSpecify neurobiological processes that underlie behaviour and mental eventsoParts of the brainrememberingEvolutionaryHow evolutionary mechanisms may functioninfluence behaviourDarwin Behaviour GeneticsInfluence of variations in genes on behaviour variationsIntelligence How much is hereditary Mental disorders Twins were raised in the same environment and identical genetic make upIf differ in IQs then genetic material doesnt play a huge role vice versaCompare between parent and childfamily membersPsychodynamicHow behaviours can stem from unconscious processesFreudLatent homosexual tendencies Threatening BehaviouralHow observable behaviour is learnedCognitiveHow the mind processes informationCognitive mental processesoPerceptionoMemoryoProblem SolvingSocialCulturalInfluence of culture and situation on behaviourSubfieldsActivities of PsychologistsEx ResearchBasic vs AppliedBasicoDescribe and explain behaviour and mental processesoTry to understand the processAppliedoAssess a real life situation to solve a practical problemTypes of PsychologistsClinicalApply principles to assess diagnosetreat emotional behavioural problems oEnhance functioningPsychiatristsMDs Prescription privilegesDevelopmentalStudy human developmentfactors that shape it from birth to old ageSocialStudy how people perceiveinterpret their social worldHow behaviours beliefsattitudes are influenced by othersSocial relationshipsbehaviour of groupsSchoolWork with children to evaluate learning emotional problemsIndustrialOrganizationalEngineeringWork for companiesIndustrialPersonnel selectionjob trainingEngineeringHelp design machineswork toolsMany other specialtiesGeriatricRehabilitationForensicChapter 1Psychological ScienceThe Scientific MethodScienceUses processesmethodslogic of inquiry to solve problemsgenerate a body of knowledgeScientific KnowledgeType acquired via scientific methodScientific MethodLogic of inquiry3 Characteristics1Control most important aEverything done to control all factors except one of interestbPurposeTo isolate the cause of an effectcVariableAny factor that can take on different values along some dimension2Operational DefinitionsaDefine terms by the steps or operations used to measure them bDefining the behaviourmeeting the criteria3ReplicationaMust be reproducible
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