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PSYC 1002

Chapter 15 Treatment of Psychological DisordersRedDefinitionBlueImportant PointsGreenImportant PeopleContributionsTypes of Treatment Psychotherapyall the diverse approaches used in the treatment of mental disorder and psychological problems May be over 400 different approaches1Insight Therapiespursuing increased insight regarding the nature of the clients difficulty and sorting through possible solutions Talk therapiesAInsight therapies involve verbal interactions intended to enhance clients selfknowledge and thus promote healthful changes in personality and behaviourBCognitive therapy is an insight therapy that emphasizes recognizing and changing negative thoughts and maladaptive beliefsiBeck and Ellis independently devised cognitive oriented therapiesiiThe goal of these therapies is to change the way clients think detecting and recognizing negative thoughts reality testing and devising behavioural homework assignments that focus on changing overt behavioursCPsychoanalysis Is an insight therapy that emphasizes the recovery of unconscious conflicts motives and defenses through a variety of techniques iFreud believed that inner conflicts among the id ego and superego sexual and aggressive impulses cause problems and that defense maneuvers on the part of the ego often lead to selfdefeating behaviour and are only partially successfuliiFreud said unconscious conflicts between the id ego and superego sometimes lead to anxiety This discomfort may lead to pathological reliance on defensive behaviouriiiFree associationclients spontaneously express their thoughts and feelings exactly as they occur with as little censorship as possibleThe analyst looks for clues about what is going on in the unconsciousivDream analysis involves the therapist interpreting the symbolic meaning of the clients dreamsFreud called dreams the royal road to the unconsciousvInterpretation refers to the therapists attempts to explain the inner significance of the clients thoughts feelings memories and behavioursviResistance refers to the largely unconscious defensive maneuvers intended to hinder the progress of therapyviiTransference occurs when the clients unconsciously start relating to their therapist in ways that mimic critical relationships in their lives
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