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PSYC2400FORENSICS MIDTERM NOTESLECTURE 1Definitions of Forensic PsychStudy of psychology and how it relates to lawthe legal system 1 ABFPAPLSProfessional practice by psychologists clinical psych neuropsych and school psychin an activity intended to provide professional expertise to the judicial system 2 WeinerIssues arising out of the relationship between human behaviour and the law legal system and legal process 3 BartolBartolResearch endeavor and professional practice Psychology and Law by Haney1 Psych and the law psych is used to study assumption made by the law eg prison prevents recidivism2 Psych in the law psych is used in the law as the system operates eg interrogation methods3 Psych of the law psych is used to study law eg expert testimony Psychology vs Law1Two fields are very different27 differences create a challenge when it comes to providing expert testimony in courtKnowledge experiments vs precedentMethodology broad patterns and general relationship vs individualistic and specificEpistemology search for truthcontrolled experiments vs convincing stories of subjective experiencesCriteria critical value of 5 vs beyond a reasonable doubtNature how people behave vs how people should behavePrinciples multiple explanations vs single explanationLatitude psychologist role in courtroom vs lawyer role in courtroom Beginning3Began in Europe and migrated over to North America4CattelloPsychology of testimonyoFound that testimony was inaccurate even on questions about every day lifeoNo positive correlation between accuracy and confidenceoProblem low external validityreal testimonies are usually more relevant to ones life5BinetoChildren are susceptible to suggestion6SternLisztoClassroom encounter ie reality experiment used for eyewitness testimonyHad two students get into an argument and one pulls out a gunoFound that answers are often inaccurateoEmotions reduce accuracy7SchrenckNotzingoFound that extensive pretrial press coverage lead to retroactive memory falsification people testify what they see on the media and not what they actually witnessed Forensics in North America8MunsterbergoFather of Forensic PsychologyoWrote an influential book about how psychology can be used in the legal systemoEnded up pushing psychology into the courtroom Forensics in the Criminal Justice System9FernaldHealyo1st clinic for juvenile delinquents 1909oDiagnosis treatment and research around delinquency10Psychological services in prisons 191311Psych services for police 191612Tests for personnel selection 1917 Forensics in the Courts13VarendonckoFocused on children susceptibility to suggestion14MarbeoTestimony in civil trialsoConducted reaction time studies in regard to a train wreck and alcohol15MarstonoFirst prof of legal psychoResearch on lie detection ie polygraph Period of Rapid Growth16Rapid growth in post war period17Psychology in court casesoState v Driver 1st expert testimony caseoJenkins v US testimony should be based on ones knowledge
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