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Ashton likes to go to the park to look at all the ducks.docx

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Carleton University
PSYC 2500

Ashton likes to go to the park to look at all the ducks One day he pointed at a seagull and said Duck His dad tried to explain that it was not a duck but Ashton did not understand He is struggling withA AssimilationB ConservationC AccommodationD Object permanenceKatie showed her younger sister Mary a present she was making for their Mom Katie explained that it was a secret and that their Mom did not know about it When asked later Mary thought her Mom knew all about the present Mary has not yet gainedA Abstract reasoningB Theory of mindC SymbolismD Deductive reasoning Jeremy is attempting to solve math problems but is having difficulty because he needs to count on his fingers Jeremy is still in what phaseA SensorimotorB PreoperationalC Concrete OperationalD Formal Operational According to Vygotsky what is the best way to learn to ride a bikeA Have your parents push your bike all around town until you are embarrassedB Keep trying on 2 wheels until you get it no matter how much you fallC Ride with training wheels until you are able to balance without themD Use training wheels only the first few times before you grow dependent What is an example of a test from the performance scale of the WISC IIIa Mazesb Judgment questionsc Picture completiond Digit span memory The Object Assembly subscale of the WISC requires children toa Create block patterns from a red and white colored set of blocksb Arrange pieces to form a recognizable 2D imagec Arrange photos to create a logic story with beginning middle and endd Identify missing components of images and scenes To examine the IQ of a 5 year old child we would use thea StanfordBinetb WISC IIIc WPPSI
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