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Neurobehavioural DisordersCauses of Abnormal BehaviouroEvidence for brain abnormalities in organicneurobiological disorders is straightforward and the causes are generallyGenetic Error Ex Huntingtons DiseaseProgressive Cell Death Ex Alzheimers DiseaseRapid Cell Death Ex StrokeLoss of Neural Connections Ex Multiple SclerosisoWe dont know what causes a person to be more susceptible than another to these diseasesoFar less is known about the causes of BehaviouralPsychiatric Disorders but there must be some abnormality in the brain structure or activityMicroMacroIdentifying and Classifying Mental DisordersoEpidemiologyThe study of the distribution and causes of diseases in human populationsoDSMThe Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders the American Psychiatric Associations classification system for psychiatric disordersCurrent edition is DSMIVTR DSMV slated for May 2013oPsychiatric Disorders are to some extent arbitrary and depend on prevailing cultural viewsChallenges in DiagnosisoIt is difficult to diagnose behavioural disordersPeople are seldom objective observers of their own behaviour or that of a loved oneThe patient and their loved ones may be selective in what they noticePeople are seldom specific in identifying symptomsMany disorders can result in Memory DeficitsWith memory being effected remembering symptoms can be difficultEvaluations have their own conceptual biases which may influence the questions that they ask and the information that they gatherGeneral Practioner Social Workers Neurologist etc Treatments for DisordersoThe longterm prospects for curing organic or behavioural disorders on the Macro Level depends upon the ability to treat structural and biochemical abnormalities at the Micro LeveloUltimate Clinical ProblemApply the knowledge of behavioural neuroscience to general treatments that can restore a disordered brain and mind to the range of normalcyNosology proceeds Etiology This means that we name disorders before we know what causes them How do we treat a disorder when we dont know what causes itTraumatic Brain InjuryoHead injuries are the most common form of brain damage in people younger than 40 oThere are two important factors
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