PSYC 3301- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 47 pages long!)

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Introspection: systematic observation: watching team with purpose, single case study: what can you do to help a single player, shared public experience. Intuition (gut feeling): an absence of conscious rational process. It is important for people who work with athletes to get as accurate as possible reading on their personality in order to use their talents successfully. Theories of personality: psychodynamic theory (sigmund freud, limited attention in sports psychology, apitzch: focused on defence mechanisms, one in particular in regards to sports sublimation, channeling aggressive impulse. Psychological certainty: cons: can we really distill you down to 5 traits and how these traits combine, interactionist perspectives, look at both the individual"s personality as well as their situation/environment that influences it. However: widespread agreements in player prediction of player personality: they believed that, goalies are more introverted, forwards are more extroverted those on defence are more conscientious.