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PSYC 3402
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Final Review December 6th 201360 multiple choice questions 46 short answer5 marks each 1 20 mark short answerspelling and grammar marks75 of exam relates to material after the midterm Key topicsinfluence on media on public opinionStats rates types of crimesTheoryPIC RCCRA and legal requirements within correctionsSanctionsQuestionsWhich is true 1Serious crimes are less frequent2Federal offenders sever sentences less than two years 3The most prevalent crime is theft Risk assessment Scales are comparable in terms of predictors Criminal Behaviour mainly considersIntent and societal rulesGet definition of criminal behaviourSummaryFocus of course is on individual differences in criminal behaviour Crime effects many canadians Crime is costly to society The majority of convictions do not result in a federal sentenceManagement of offenders has an impact of cost of corrections and public safety The definition chosen will effect prevalence A general definition of criminal behaviour includes intention PIC R is a social learning theory Integrates earlier theories about crimeConsiders contingencies increased rewards to explain all crime ALL OF ABOVE
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