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AbdulBaha eldest son of Bahaullah founder of Bahai Faith Exiled to Bagdad then to Constantinople then to Adrianople then to acre Palestine family rejects his succession and he tours US Europe and CanadaActs Acts of the Apostles outlines history fifth book of New TestamentAdonaiElohimYahweh Sacred names for Israels God Master God Advent season of the Christian church year before celebration of Christmas preparing for jesus 4 preceding Sundays before ChristmasAlAshari sunni theologian follower of Mutazila schoolAlGhazali Persian very influential Islamic golden age great thinker 10581111 synthesized orthodox Islamic thought and SufismAliMohammad The Bab founder of Babism 1844 visionary dreams wrote poetry healer and holy man assasinatedAnno Hijra journey of Muhammad and followers from mecca to medina from June 21 and July 2 622 CE becomes the start date of IslamAnsars Helpers median citizens who helped Muhammads arrival Two main tribed Banu Khazraj and Banu AwsAnselm saint of Canterbury 10331109 founder of scholasticism originator of ontological argument and satisfaction theory of atonement reason vs revelationApocalypse john of Patmos a disclosure of something hidden Revelation of John victory of good over evil cosmic battle and the end of the present ageApostles Creed Christian statement of belieffaith from 2nd century by LukeAquinas Thomas Italian Dominican frian saint and priest Summa theologican Summa contra Gentiles doctor of the church 122574Aquinas Proofs 5 proof for existence of God First Mover motion argument First Causecausation of exsistance Necessary Being contingent Greatest Being degrees and perfection Intelligent Designer makerth Ash Wednesday the first day of Lent march 5 46 days before Easter jesus fast period of self denial and fasting thAshura 10 of Muharram Mourning and fasting For shia recalls marytoms of ali and husayn its the climax of mourning of Muharram muhammed fastAsia Minor Anatolia republic of turkey in between Christian Europe and AsiaAugustine Manichean leading theologian 354430 in the early Christian church bishop of Hippo in North Africa wrote Confessions autobiographical masterpiece of Latin literature soul is restless until it finds rest in God liked Pauls letter to the romans so believed in ChristianityAveroes Latin arabian philosopher astronomer and writer on jurisprudence born at Cordova 1126 died at Morocco 1198Avicenna most influential Persian polymath book of healing and the canon medicine Bab Persian religious sect the Bab gave rise to the babi religion one of the 3 central figures of baha faithBahaullah the glory of god founder of Bahai Faith taught unification of one god wrote book finds haven in ottoman Iraq imprisoned cause he loses support of ottoman empire rejects Sufism wrote book of AqdasBaptism ritual of Christian admission with water viewed as sacramentBar Kochbah 13235CE second jewish revolt Hadrians destruction of Jerusalem and dispersal of jews throughout roman empire squashed by RomeBook of Aqdas Arabic 1873 the mother book of Bahai Faith written by BahaullahBook of Certitude PersianArabic 1861 the most important theologian treatise Book of Iqan primary theological Bahai work Book of Mormon sacred text of latter day saint movement Joseph SmithBrigham Young American leader in latter day saint movement mormonBrit milah covenant of circumcision performed on 8 year old males by a mohelCalvin reformed tradition and faith protestant roman catholic churchCanon a standard accepted writings that make up the bible and to other church standards such as canon lawCenobitic monastic tradition that stresses community life ChristianitybudismChristmas not his birthday eastern orthodoxy jan 7
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