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RELI 1710
Zeba Crook

Abba: Aramaic term for “father” used by Jesus in addressing God Advent: season of the Christian church year before the celebration of Christmas Anabaptists: Anglican: Anselm: Arianism: a teaching advocated by the priest Arius and his followers that Christ was created in time as teh Son of God; this teaching was rejected by the Council of Nicea Atonement: guidelines of how humans are forgiven and reconciled to God through Christ’s work Apocalypse: Apocrypha: Apostle: Apostles’ Creed: statement of faith dating from the second century C.E., universally accepted by Christians Thomas Aquinas: Augustine: leading theologian (354-430) in the early Christian church; bishop of Hippo in North Africa Basilica: Baptism: ritual of initiation into the Christian church through washing of water, viewed as a sacrament by many Bethlehem: Bishop: "Born again": Calvin, John: Canon: a standard; refers to the accepted writings that make up the Bible and to other church standards such as canon law Chalcedon: Christ:Greek title meaning “anointed one” from Hebrew “messiah,” applied to Jesus of Nazareth by his followers Christmas: celebration of the birthday of Jesus; Christians of the Western churches celebrate this on December 25, while some Eastern Orthodox Christians observe this feast on January 6 Christotokos: Christology: doctrine about the nature and role of Christ Confirmation: ritual of reaffirming vows taken in baptism; considered a sacrament by some Christians Constantine: Roman Emperor (273-337) who legalized and promoted Christianity Consubstantiation: Council of Trent: Creationism: Crusades: attempts by Christians of western Europe to recapture the Holy Land by force Crucifix: Crucifixion: Cyril: Docetics: (docetism) teaching by some in the early church that Christ only appeared to be human; this teaching eventually was rejected by church councils Easter: festival celebrating the resurrection of Christ Ecumenism: (ecumenical movement) modern movement to achieve understanding, cooperation, and some form of unity between the various branches of Christianity Edict of Milan: Enlightenment: Epiphany: Evangelical: Excommunication: Eucharist: Friar: Fundamentalism: in Christianity, a movement by conservative Protestants to reject modernity in Christianity, advocating the literal inerrancy of scripture and strict adherence to traditional doctrine and morality Glossolalia: Gnosticism: movement in the Hellenistic world that emphasized a special secret knowledge about God and the world, holding to a dualism of spirit and matter Good Friday: Holy Orders: Holy Spirit: Homoiousion: Homoousion:
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