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CHAPTER 6 Jewish Sacred Story and Historical ContextJudaism reached it classical form more than a millennium after the foundational sacred history associated with Moses and the covenant at MtSinaiFoundations of the Jewish Story2 foundingsoThe founding of the Israelite religion under the leadership of MosesoThe founding of Judaism after the Babylonian exile and culminating in what is known as Rabbinic JudaismThe religion of Israel is that known from the pages of the Hebrew TanakhThe religion of Judaism grown from the Israelite religion reached final form in the teaching of the rabbis as set down in the TalmudBeginnings Israel People of the CovenantPeople of Israel were created when YHWH God of their ancestors heard their cries in slavery in Egypt and brought them out taking them as special people by making a covenant with them and giving them the Torah lawoThis is the founding of the people of IsraelGod took steps to initiate in human history a new design focused on Abraham and Sarah and their descendants as a great nation with a land given to them by God who would bring a blessing to all the families of the earth through themAbraham and the clans associated with him were pastoralists wandering from pastureland to pasturelandGod made covenant with Ab giving him children at his old ageHe became the model of Jewish faithfulnessoAfter almost sacrificing his sonThe name Israel meanshe strives with God17501550 BCEduring this period the Hebrew as Jacobs descendents were called prospered in EgyptoOnce the Egyptians took over the Hykos the Hebrews were enslaved and oppressedExodusYahweh commanded Moses with his brother Aaron to deliver the Hebrews from Egypt and bring them back to worship at the wilderness after they escapedPharaoh says nogod brings plague and destruction of first bornsThisnight of watching described in the Exodus12 has ever since been celebrated in the PassoverTorah and Covenant at MtSinaiThe revelation of the torah on MtSinai climaxed with the making of the covenant with the people of Israel2 way contractoGod will be their god and bring them to the promised landoThey would be holy and only serve their god and obey all the commandmentsHere on MtSinai came the selfrevelation of God and by it God created both Torah and Israel covenant peopleThe Promised Land and the KingdomAfter setting out from MtSinai to possess the promised land the people frequently murmured and rebelled against YahwehEven accused their God and moses of bringing them to the desert to dieYahweh punishedeven killing Moses too but also fulfilled promise by bringing their descendents into the land of Canaan and giving them victory and possession under the leadership of JoshuaThe holy land was their promised inheritancePeople of Israel established themselves in Palestine by about 1200 BCE and for the next 2 centuries they maintained a loose tribal confederationIsraelites became attracted to the Gods of the CanaanitesSome began worshipping them and Yahweh whereas others completely abandoned YahwehThe Kingdom of IsraelStory describes the struggle between Israel and Yahweh
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