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RELI 2732Secularization and Contemporary Views of DeathstNovember 21 not necessarily a relation between the persons belief of the soul and the rest of their belief system ie An atheist may wonder rationally the nature of consciousness or soulpeople may believe in God but may not necessarily believe in life after deathbeliefs are not necessarily stableMany people couldnt pin point what they believemay give a different story depending on who is present and what the situation isSecularizationrelated to the world of the sense empirical evidence Turning away from religion or anything supernatural and beyond this worldreligion presupposed a world beyond the sense while the secular view is directed to what we know with our senses3 Theses of Death and Dying see cuLearnTony WaltersI Death in the modern world is an alienating and terrifying experiencesociety isolates the old ill or dying grieving people are also not as welcomed in society Because of secularization modern society has lost the religious symbols that have comforted past generations to help them deal with deathgriefReligion was a strategy that helped people deal with death thoroughly medicalized turn to nurses and doctors for com
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