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Social Work
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September 16 2013Social WorkLectureTopic2What is Social WelfareoGovernment place programs that help people financially and give them servicesoNonprofit and profitoVery Broad way So many partsMessages from the songoAbout poverty and waroDescribes society as harshVideooIn which way can a video influence a social workers actItll be difficult to help others if you cant help yourselfThe Context for Social WorkoWhat is an economic downturnWhen the economy takes a turn for the worstWhen we create less jobs requiredWhat would be an economic downturn for you A loss of incomeoHow do they affect the services and agenciesPeople begin to buy less go to less and use lessLess funding more pressurePeople are laid offResources begin to dry upIf we challenge social policy numbers are very important Its better for us to effectively analyze social policyNoblest of All
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