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Carleton University
SOCI 1001
Charles Gibney

Midterm-Sabrina Bellefeuille-Sociology 1001 – midterm preparations Anomie - - Anomie is produced by social isolation, disconnectedness from one's community, lack of shared social Durkheim norms/values -It is manifested in despair, feelings of hopelessness ... but also rage -Anomie can also be created by a chasm between hopes, dreams and expectations and the social and economic reality social groups encounter -Media saturates young people's lives with images of fabulously wealthy entrepreneurs, actors, professional athletes, reality television stars, heiresses and socialites -There is a great disconnect between the promises society makes to its young people and the social and economic reality those young people encounter--Disconnect causes anomie -Hopes and dreams vs reality (isolation) -People do not have enough regulation -Resistance creates rage -Income to much or to little(the stars) -entitlement generation – can use the letter to the editor assignment for info -Anomie: Because of isolation, we are attracted to “false communities” (i.e. subcultures) like “Sens Army” - factors: insufficient social limits imposed on one’s wants and desires…anchor breaking circumstances like rapid change of financial status Alienation - Marx: We are fundamentally creative and social beings, who produce our needs and wants within nature - Marx by entering into relations with each other --Capitalism alienates human beings from their own powers of creation and imagination -For Marx (and many 19th century philosophers) human beings are literally made for work; work is in our bones and tissue--Not “wage labour,” but “work” in the more basic sense of applying human muscle and brain to the material world in order to produce what we want and need….Problems:  -2) The more complex division of labour means work is broken down into more simple tasks which require a mere fraction of o
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