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SOCI 1001AFinal Take Home Examination19 June 2012Type or keyboard your examination Ensure you double space your answers Submit a hard copy of your completed examination no later than 115959 on 27 June 2012 Submit your examination via the SOAN Drop Box at B750 Loeb The Drop Box is available while the Loeb Building is open which is usually 247 via the tunnel You must answer in standard essay format sentences paragraphs punctuation Pointform or nonessay answers wont be read or graded There are no exceptions to this requirement Ensure you number the pages of your examination and place your name and student number on each page of your examination Ensure you staple all its pages together Missing pages cant be graded Please run your answers through a spell check program before you submit Keep a backup hard copy of the examination answers you submit All written work on the takehome must be that of the individual student that is exam answers should be in your own words Theres no need to document or source your answers although you may do so if you wish but not to excess please Group preparation is acceptable but all answers must be written by individual students acting alone A duedate extension is not possible If youre unable to complete the takehome examination on time or for any reason you must apply formally through the RSO for a deferral Only RSO can defer your final takehome examination Read the whole examination before you decide which questions to answer Theres no need to repeat material If for example you define a concept in Part One and discuss the same concept is Part Two or Part Three you may simple refer to the definition in Part eg see definition in Part One Note some questions require you to expand on or develop the brief definitions given in Part One You may ask about structure or intent of any and all questions Please call me at 6137318029 247 If Im unable to answer when you call leave a
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