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SOCI 1001
Michael Graydon

September 22 2010Reading p 3559OCTOBER 6TH ONLINE QUIZ MATERIALScience and ExperienceScientic vs Unscientic Thinkingunscientic thinking leads to biasesmore inaccurate scientists develop ways of increasing biased conclusions Chicken noodle soup helps a cold It worked for my grandparentsTradition Weak magnets can be used to heal many illnesses I read aboutAuthority it in a newspaperExperts can be wrong we tend to think because it is authoritative sourcethat it is correctCasual observation The car that hit the cyclist was dark brown I was going forI saw the accidenta walk last night when careless observers observations not always correct If you work hard you can get ahead I know because several Overgeneralizationof my parents friends started off poor but are now middle classnot always true because there are some people who workhard and are still poor and vice versa sociologists avoid overgeneralization by repeating researchIm right because I cant think of any contrary casesSelective observationwe want to think were right so we ignore any other reasons as to why we would be wrong Mr Smith is poor even though he works hard but thats because Qualication exception to he has a disability People with disabilities are the only the rule that if you work hard you can get aheadexception to a ruleThe Toronto Blue Jays won 50 of their baseball games Illogical reasoningover the last three months by 65 of the games they played Because it happened so often before I bet on Thursdays theyll win next Thursday
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