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SOCI 1002 Mar 29 - Review Class.docx

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SOCI 1002

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OutlineReview SessionCourse ReviewObjectivesCourse ReviewSubstantive contentFinal Exam Time and LocationExam help QuestionsOffice HoursBonus Assignment 3 Due April 23rdInClass Activity Practice QuizCourse EvaluationGoodbyesCourse ObjectivesIntroduce you to the discipline of SociologyWhat of SociologyIntroduce you to Sociological PerspectiveIntroduce you to Sociological ImaginationIntroduction you to The Social Mostly through the study of twelve substantive topic Sociological Theory Research Methods Culture SocializationSocial Interaction Class Power and Work Race and Ethnicity Gender and Sexual Orientation Groups and Organizations and Social MovementsHow of SociologyRead Sociological LensesDiscussExchange WebCTOver 2100 postsInClass ActivitiesConduct Research ProjectContent Analysis of Media Group ProjectBreaching Experiment Observations Interview SummarySynthesisGive you an introduction and a better idea of what is sociology and what sociologists do Introduction to SociologySociology is an elastic disciplineoYounger than all the other disciplinesoDraws from the different disciplinesSociological perspectiveSociological imaginationThe SocialThe Compass The Lenses and the SnowflakeSociology What and HowSociologyWhatStudy of the Social and its enabling and constraining influenceHow
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