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Carleton University
SOCI 1002

Sociology is about helping to sow you places and ideas you might not have known thatSociology as set of lenses is about helping you look at things you may already have been familiar with but from multiple various perhaps new perspectivesSociology is not antiindividual but rather shows the uniqueness and richness of individuals as enabled and constrained by what we call the socialGlobalization of Languageglobalization of Culture The process by which formerly separate economies states and cultures are tied together and people become aware of their growing interdependenceExample international trade and investmentConsequences destroy political economic and cultural isolation by bringing people together in global village People less obliged to accept culture into which they are born and freer to combine elements of culture from wide variety of historical periods and geographical settingsPopular Culturecomprises the beliefs practices and objects mass produced and mass distributed such as popular music and films mass marketed books and magazines largecirculation newspaper and increasingly the internet Enormous power to share public opinion and behavior Shapes peoples perception and awareness of social issues Promote narrow definition of who people are and what they can beConsumerismTendency to define ourselves in term of goods we purchase Consumers motivated to make purchases because of bombardment of advertising in form of North Americashop till you drop lifestyleCan also choose to buy items that help define us as members of particular subculture Adherents of a set of distinctive values norms practices within larger culture
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