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Sociological Lenses Week 1September1212501 PM SociologyAsking a set of QuestionsoHow do you see the worldoHow do you form your opinions and accumulate informationoWhat is culture and what role does it play in your lifeoHow did you become the person you are todayoHow do you relate and interact with your family friends and strangers around youoWhat are the effects of your class position on how you live your lifeoWhat racial and ethnic group do you identity yourself withoHow do you feel your gender shapes who you areoWhat impact has crime or deviance had in your life Sociological PerspectiveoAt the heart of sociology is a special point of view called the sociological perspectiveoSociological perspective as seeing the general in the particular By this we mean that sociologists identify general patterns in the behaviour of particular individuals oWhile acknowledging that each individual is unique sociologists recognize that society acts differently on various categories of people say children compared to adults women versus men the rich as opposed to the poor oWe think sociologically when we realize how the general categories into which we happen to fall shape our particular life experiencesSociological ImaginationoThe sociological perspective stresses the social contexts in which people live and how these contexts influence their lives At the core of this perspective is the sociological imagination a term coined by C Wright Mills 1959 oThe sociological imagination is a sociological visiona way of looking at the world that allows links between the apparently private problems of the individual and important social issuesoAt the centre of the sociological perspective is the question of how people are influenced by their societythe group of people with whom they share a culture and territory oTo find out why people do what they do sociologists look at social location or where people are located in a particular society Sociologists consider occupation income education gender age ethnicity family mass media and others The SocialThose elements that constitute the social affect ourValuesDreamsOpinionsDesiresKnowledgeTastesBeliefsHabits Why SociologyoThe ability to view our own society as an outsider rather than only from the perspective of personal experiences and cultural biasesoIt involves critical thinking and questioning what otherwise may simply be taken for granted or assumed to be naturaloIs an empowering tool It allows us to look beyond a limited understanding of human behaviour to see the world and its people in a new way and through a broader lens than we might otherwise use The Compass the Lenses and the SnowflakeSnowflake We are uniqueSociology is not antiindividual but rather shows the uniqueness and richness of individuals as enabled and constrained by what we call the Social Compass Did you know thatDid you know aboutSociology as a Compass is about helping to show you places and ideas you might not have known about Lenses Had you thought it like thisHad you looked at it this waySociology as set of Lenses is about helping you look at things you may already have been familiar with but from multiple various perhaps new perspectives
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