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SOCI 2005B 1st Paper Questions.pdf

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Carleton University
SOCI 2005

stSOCI 2005B 1 Paper Questions This paper worth 10 of your mark for this class will be between three and five pages long typed in a 12pt normal font such as Times or Garamond and must be submitted through the assignment link on CULearn Please see the General Instructions for Essays documentAnswer one of the following questions 1 Would Marx say that you are alienated in your role as a student Why or why notExplain in your own words the four forms of alienation Marx discusses using direct quotes from his text to illustrate your claims Identify one of these forms and show why it is or is not especially relevant to student experience 2 Read President Runtes article Education on the computer model faster more efficient customized Globe and Mail June 4 2013 paying particular attention to her claim that The savings can accrue rapidly if the course is massively enrolled and subsections are taught by less wellpaid individuals or if the course lasts several years and the designers and lead professor may be paid over time Identify one of Marxs theoretical arguments that you think is relevant to Runtes main points in this article and show why this is a useful way to understand her claims You could for example talk about the formation of classes the question of whether material circumstances matter to our experience of them commodification or the critique of spcialization3 Do you agree with Marx that we must attend to the material situation in thinking ab
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