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Social Psychology NotesSept 18th 2012 Social Realms Read Cocktail Waitress asap Culture is the highest unit of analysis that sociologists use Culture is fluctuating over time vague and not rigid Slow to change One smaller is society also vague and not rigid Within society there are 3 divisions called realms 1Private Realm 2Parochial 3PublicRealms are areas of group life mostly defined by social intimacysocial disclosure Social intimacy involves close emotive routine permanent contacts requires a strong sense of mutual dependency social intimacy leads to social disclosure Social disclosure is the act of revealing information about yourself that another or someone else wouldnt otherwise know factually Drips and drabsTelling secrets in a way but much much more All realms are based on social intimacy and social disclosurePrivate realm comprised of small family kin close friends greatest social intimacy disclosure sympathy group studies people whose death will affect us greatlygive or take 1215 people circulation time parochial realmnot well understood theorized church maybe individual meets society commonality some sense of community secondary groups members know each other acquaintances extended friends neighbours little social intimacy almost no disclosure at all more circulation Public realm any open location populated with strangers almost any public areas areas ticketed for control sidewalks buses parks restaurants concerts copresents unknown or known categorically female male role barista actions service share societal constructs normative system value emphasis role expectations status a different social intimacy pervades public realm contact exchange norms specific social disclosure mostly silent hunting and gathering bands private realm maybe some parochial no publics give or take 1025 members permanent for lifetime tribes tribal units private increasing parochial contact up to 160ish members Dunbar mesh realms villages small townsup to a few 1000 members realms intersect public realm begins to slip into place city private parochial public realms coexist areas definable by realm home church streets Canadianamerican cities more private realm it seems than European cities less emphasis development of public realmEx Montreal more public realm than Ottawa Ottawa more private parochial than Montreal Ex18th century london women restricted to private realm men not social disclosure high to low in this schemapublic realm is course focus def anywhere you go and expect to be seen stores coffee shops pubs classrooms goal creating maintaining decorum order decency politeness propriety not chaotic in private or parochial intimacy is affiliationin public realm intimacy is order decorumcourtesy safety secure passage reciprocation
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