SOCI 1001 Final: Sociology exam Notes

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10 Feb 2016
Sociology Notes- Family
Census Family: Composed of a married couple or a common-law couple, with or without
children, or of a lone parent living with at least one child in the same dwelling.
Changes to families
Family organization changed with changes to social organization and economic
1. Women entering the work place
2. People getting married later/not at all
3. Having children later/ not at all
Zero-Child Families
About 1/5 of North American women between 40-45 have never given birth
While infertility may be the reason, more common factors are:
Rising cost of raising a child or Growth of attractive alternatives
Arranged marriages
Arranged marriages were common historically and presently
Marriages continue to be arranged in many places and families to:
Enhance family resources, reputations and alliances
Parents feel more qualified to choose their children’s partners
Social Factors in Mate Selection
1. Marriage resources (such as financial assets)
2. Third parties
3. Demographic and compositional factors
Marital Satisfaction
Today marital stability depends more on happiness rather than in usefulness of
Increase in importance of marital satisfaction connected to autonomy of women
which has increased because of:
i. Legalization of birth control measures
ii. Increased presence in paid labor force
1. Economic factors 2.Divorce laws 3.Family life cycle 4.Housework/childcare
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