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Systems and Computer Engineering
SYSC 3600
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322 The experimental case Case AWWBehaviour n d 1 4 00017 02472 02472 Overdamped4 2 17 836 X 10 05096 05096 Overdamped43 35 58315 X 1007312 07312 Overdamped44 300 19918 X 1021407 21407 Overdamped323 Simulating the step response of the servo with position feedbackFinal Value Theorem Results All were equal to 1The step responses obtained were all very different Only one step response showed oscillation when A300 The other step responses were not meaningful because the period and natural frequency could not be calculated from the plots obtained When calculating the final value using the final value theorem all the results were 1 The final value reach by the oscillating graph matches the value calculated by the final value theorem of 1 The step response obtained matches the calculated final value the damping frequency and natural frequency along with the damping ratio as can be seen from the graph
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