SYSC 1005 Midterm: Page 4 Python Tutor, Files and Process of a Computer

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Helps visualize code but make hide exited frame, render all objects on the heap, draw pointers as arrows. Each object is labelled with type even when two objects that are the same type. Functions first when defined in frame refer to the function(parameter) in the object. As soon as a function is run, it starts by creating that function"s frame containing it"s parameters, then shows its return value and disappears after execution. (numbers remain bolded through) No duplicates of the objects, therefore if a and c = 4 they are both linked to 4. You can put it in a file with a . py extension. To run the program in idle, select run run module. In order to have a program print the value of an expression, we use the built-in function print. Natural languages are languages that people speak.

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