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WGST 1808 Study Guide - Final Guide: Rape Culture, Neoliberalism, Sex Tourism

Women's and Gender Studies
Course Code
WGST 1808
Debra Graham
Study Guide

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Final Exam
Show what you know:
gender and media
gender and health
gender and the economy
feminist movements and activism
Cultural representation and the creation of desire (Jut Sully movie): media, racism in
the media, hyper sexualization, heterosexism (bias in media)
Beauty projects: male/heterosexual gaze, ableism, media literacy, body-as-commodity,
appearance has value
Women’s health: social determinate of health, biomedical model,
discrimination/oppression/equal access, body-as-commodity (anorexia, plastic
surgery), The Big Killers - cancer/cardio and research in these areas based on gender
Reproductive health and rights: contraception, sterilization (almost always women),
new technologies, sexual orientation, access to information, HIV/AIDs biggest killer
globally for certain age of women, donors and ethics
Gendered violence: power and inequality are roots of violence, people rationalize the
dehumanization of others, types of violence, rape culture,
women/native/disabled/colour/aged 15-24, myths, consent, at-risk groups
Violence is not based on the act, but based on consent
Women and global restructuring: neoliberalism, Maquila, feminization of migration,
globalization, sustainable development (environment), sex tourism, transnational
factories, migration work, feminism and environmentalism
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