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EXCI233Winter2013Practice Midterm2Multiple ChoiceIdentify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question1The time spent in sleep is characterized asatime for the body to renew and repair itselfbnot active and probably not physiologically usefulcdetrimental due to the increase in blood pressure and heart rate that occursdvariable and any amount of sleep you get is adequate2Improper canning of foods is the most common cause ofabotulismblisteriacE colidsalmonella3The first stage of sleep is aaphase showing much body activityba rapideyemovement REM phaseca nonREM phasedcharacterized by great amounts of brain activity4All of the following may be useful techniques for managing time more efficiently EXCEPTaschedule your timebdevelop an efficient study stylecmake a To Do list and complete every taskdkeep your workspace in order5Of the following choices the leading cause of sterility in a woman would beapelvic inflammatory diseasecgonorrheabtoxic shock syndromedsyphilis6Which of the following is not listed as a significant risk factor for eating disordersaLow selfesteemcChildhood sexual abuse
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