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Computer programming
Tom Yeung

Like the members of the File class, all members in the Directory class are public static methods. The Directory class provides static methods for creating and moving through directories and subdirectories. .NET also includes DirectoryInfo and FileInfo classes.These classes are very similar to their name counterparts, Directory and File.They differ in that the DirectoryInfo and FileInfo classes both have instance methods instead of static members.They are direct descendents of the FileSystemInfo class. The FileInfo and DirectoryInfo classes add functionality beyond method members of the File and Directory classes. They both have a number of public properties and, of course, both offer a public constructor. Neither class can be inherited. If you plan to make reference to and use a file or directory several times, you will want to consider instantiating objects of one or both of these classes and use its instance methods. C# uses file streams to deal with stored data. Streams represent a chunk of data and provide a way to work with a sequence of bytes. Several abstract classes, including Stream, TextWriter, and TextReader, are defined for dealing with files.These classes are defined in the System.IO namespace.The stream classes provide generic methods for dealing with input/output, and these methods reduce the need for providing specific details about how the operating system actually accesses data from particular devices. The StreamWriter and StreamReader classes make it easy to read or write data to and from text files in C#.The StreamWriter class has implementations for Write( ) and WriteLine( ) methods similar to the Console class methods. StreamReader includes implementations of Read( ) and ReadLine( ).The simplest constructor for these classes includes a single argument for the name of the file.The name may include the full path indicating where the file is located or you may use the relative path to the file. Relative paths are relative to the starting location of the project. Constructing an object of the StreamWriter class using it as the second argument enables you to append values onto the end of a file. The following statement opens the file named info.txt, stored in the project subdirectory, so that records wil
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