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POLI 212 Midterm: POLI 212 Outline_Meadwell.pdf

Political Science
Course Code
POLI 212
Hudson Meadwell
Study Guide

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Fall Semester, 2014
Professor Hudson Meadwell
Leacock 509
Office hours: To be announced in class.
Course Description
This course provides an introduction to European politics. We will examine the political
dynamics of (1) capitalist democracies (France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom), (2)
political systems in East-Central Europe and (3) the European Union, As you will see below,
lectures and readings are mainly organized around themes or issues that cut across countries or
regions in Europe.
One textbook has been ordered for the class:
Mark Kesselman and Joel Krieger [K&K] Sixth Edition European Politics in Transition New
York: Houghton Mifflin.
Note: There should also be copies of this text on the used book market. Note as well: the 6th
Other readings will be provided in a Course Pack or on My Courses. The Course Pack will be
available at the McGill Bookstore.
Course Evaluation
Mid Term 20%
Term Paper 25%
Final Exam 40%
Conference attendance and participation 15%
•The date of the mid-term will be announced in one of our first class meetings.
• The date of the final exam is set by the University. The dates of final exams are usually
announced toward the middle part of the semester.
• More detailed information regarding weekly conferences and conferences grades will be
provided in the first week of classes. But please note that I will usually assign a short topical
reading for weekly conference meetings. Conferences will start in the third week of September.
Until they start, we have lectures on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. After conferences begin,
we move to two lectures a week: Monday and Wednesday.
Term Paper
The term paper should be 10-12 pages (typed, double-spaced). The paper is due on the last day
of classes. I will give you the exact date in class. More details about the format of the term paper
will be provided in one of our first class meetings. [You will have a wide range of choice of
topics and you also can suggest a topic, subject to approval by your teaching assistant or myself].
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