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Pillar 4 commitment to social equity, particularly rural welfare. Education for self-reliance policy: frowned at intellectual elitism and urban centrism, radical reforms to reinforce collective values and respect for manual labour, graduate national service in the countryside (villages) End goal for social equality, pursued by the state. The party should be open to all tanzanians. Village democracy, not compulsion of peasant societies. Not incompatible with socialism or african tradition. Argument that he is not against democracy, but someone that is talking about a type of democracy that is suitable to african context. M(cid:449)ali(cid:373)u"s (cid:894)the tea(cid:272)her(cid:895) (cid:1005)(cid:1004) year report (cid:272)ard (cid:1005)(cid:1013)(cid:1010)(cid:1011)-79. Admitted the country has failed to achieve socialism or self-reliance. Villagization narrow the gap between urban and rural income: but far(cid:373)ers" i(cid:374)(cid:272)o(cid:373)e (cid:272)o(cid:374)ti(cid:374)ge(cid:374)t o(cid:374) the (cid:448)agaries of the i(cid:374)ter(cid:374)atio(cid:374)al (cid:373)arket, 1980s prices for ops plummeted (maize, cotton, etc. ) Delivered basic health and education to rural majority: 42 health centers in 1967 to 152 by 1976, 8000 villages with dispensaries by.

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