ANTHROP 1AA3 Final: exam

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Postmortem (after death) damage age, sex, ancestry. Argentine forensic anthropology team training workers in ethiopia. Make the final determination of cause or manner of death (e. g. , homicide vs. suicide) Take down criminals in a blazing gun fight!! Autolysis degeneration of body tissues by digestive fluids. Putrefaction bacteria reproduce & sta(cid:396)t to (cid:272)o(cid:374)su(cid:373)e tissues, (cid:373)us(cid:272)les, et(cid:272) . Burial & depth of burial (or immersion in water) Certain soils (e. g. sedimentary or volcanic ash) Adapted from pickering and bachman (2009) the use of forensic anthropology (2nd ed). #1 - is it bone? bones in field congo cow bones on floor mixed bones. #3 - is it modern or archaeological? adult and child body farm taphonomy. #6 - what is the sex? male versus female. Standards for dental development 6 years epips union skele-developing femur (fusion of epiphyses) #8 - what is the ancestry? african america bonewhite. #9 - what is the stature? max length. Chiapas, mexico (2500 years bp) (jewels in teeth)